I was nine years old when I first experienced symptoms of depression which, over time, branched out into other mental conditions including personality, mood and anxiety disorders, which were difficult to treat. Soon my inner war placed me on a journey to find the causes and solutions, not only for myself, but also to help others. As seen in the statistics, I am definitely not the only one who has walked this path, and after forty years of trial and error, I finally understand that mental illness is mental, physical and spiritual in nature, and treatment is not as hopeless as I always believed. I tried every possible approach over the years, with little success. In fact, my symptoms only got worse the older I got, but I pressed on in spite of my setbacks, although it wasn’t easy. Then one day, I finally made my breakthrough. It wasn’t sudden, but rather like the break of dawn after a horrible nightmare. On this website, I have summarized everything I have learnt in my quest for answers, and I hope it will guide you to your healing path. ღ

~ There is a view after the climb. ~